For Exocet this was the second event of the year. Unfortunately some ofthe usual entries couldn’t make it, but we are very happy to welcome Klaus Lindinger and his Austrian team “Conquest”.

Day 1, Friday September 9th
Kicked off with heaps of rain and no wind. But when the starting hour approached, sun and wind came in and gave us everything we were hoping for. In the first race we needed to acclimatize a bit (new team, for some first time in a Longtze) and ending up dead-last. In the second and third race, after taking a better start, playing with (sometimes against :-/) windshifts and downwind pressure lanes, we slowly got better and climbed up 5th place in both. Once ashore, we were welcomed by the party committee (merci Dany and Jarmo, who celebrated his birthday with us!) with fresh Swiss beer & wine, followed by a delicious pasta-party in the ceremonial room of the Fraglia Della Vela Riva club. An excellent first day!

Day 2, Saturday September 10th
A very beautiful day as we looked out from our
balcony - however unfortunately a dying and shifting breeze by the time we were supposed to start. Some of us went for a tropical swim in the refreshing Lake of Garda. Finally the wind woke up again - this time from the South, providing superb racing conditions the whole afternoon. Team Shensu were again unbeatable (but one day we’ll get them … ;-) Once at land, fully satisfied after this great day of racing, Dany spoiled us again with sailors-worthy drinks and delicious appetizers on the wonderful roof terrace. Great atmosphere and such a success that many of us stayed till long after sunset. Then we headed with many teams to Oca bar to be well entertained by the brothers Risto and Jarmo. We assisted a poor Italian in his bachelorette party … Lots of fun with great Longtze Class socials mingling to get to know each other better under the approving eye of Mr. President Thomas.

Day 3, Sunday 11th of September
Waking up at 06:05 was a bit of a challenge after a night out, but everyone made it. The strong Northerly Ora was on appointment and we could give it all we had in store for this last two wonderful races delivering exhilarating Longtze planing sensations chasing each other downwind. Congratulations to team Shensu, Carissima and Petit fils d’Emile Bleu on the podium. Lake Garda is definitely on everyone’s bucket list! See you all next year!

Team Exocet, BEL 814

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